Ilium began as a technical melodic metal band called Oracle in 1990.  At the time, Jason Hodges was the guitarist and Mark Snedden the vocalist.  Several lineup changes, which included guitarist Adam Smith, led to the band exhausting itself in 1994 and a retirement for most of the musicians involved.


Four years later, after one abortive attempt to reform Oracle, Jason and Mark decided to form a new band with former Oracle members Kris Arendse (guitar) and Michael Noonan (bass).  Calling themselves Iliad, the four piece, with session drummer David Pearson, commenced recording a demo, but this was never finished to the satisfaction of the band.  


The inclusion of guitarist Adam Smith saw the band with three guitarists briefly, until Kris left.  The band, now called Ilium, focused on recording an EP with Dungeon vocalist/guitarist Lord Tim producing.


Part way through the recording Michael left, leaving Adam to finish the bass lines.  The self titled EP, featuring an adaptation of the Peter Green song made famous to metalheads by Judas Priest “The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown)” received rave reviews around the world, after which the band decided to record their debut album “Sirens Of The Styx”, again with Tim producing and Dungeon drummer Steve ‘Stevo’ Moore behind the kit.  


The album was released through Adrenaline records in December 2003 to rave reviews.  The news that Lord Tim had joined the ranks as lead vocalist created new excitement, particularly with their cover of Dio’s “Rainbow In The Dark”, featured on Adrenaline/Steelheart records “A Tribute To The Glory Of ‘80’s Metal”.


The band’s second album, “Permian Dusk” released in 2005 garnered even stronger reviews, including a 9.5/10 from Germany’s premier metal magazine ‘Rock Hard!, who called it the best power metal album of 2005.  The third album ‘Vespertilion,,featuring artwork from current artist Dimitar Nikolov, and introducting then Lord drummer Tim Yatras on the drums, received similar praise.


For the next album, 2009’s ‘Ageless Decay’, the band were able to increase their presence with a notable performance from former Riot and Masterplan vocalist Mike DiMeo. In addition, the album was mixed and mastered by Tommy Hansen, a stalwart of the European metal scene since the 1980’s, when he worked with such bands as Pretty Maids and Helloween.


The band followed up with 2011’s ‘Genetic Memory’, featuring  an even more mature approach to their songwriting and a more aggressive vocal delivery by DiMeo.


During a period of some confusion Ilium finally returned with their 2015 album ‘My Misanthropia’, featuring  new vocalist Lance King, owner of Nightmare Records and vocalist with such bands as Balance Of Power, Avian and Pyramaze.  Recorded with a limited edition EP called Wendigo, the band have refined their sound even more, with some impressive melodic and progressive tracks brimming with imagination.  The band continue writing for their next album.